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Here Are The Six Best Dog Breeds As Pets


Everybody loves dogs. Often called ‘Man’s Best Friend’, these amazing creatures are loyal to the core. Dogs have always had a special place in people’s hearts.

A Long And Glorious History
The evolution of mankind, saw primitive tree/cave-dwelling hunters turn into food gatherers and farmers. Of course, the discovery of fire and the invention of the wheel are the major contributors to this, but there is no denying the fact that those ancients took to agriculture once they befriended animals. Amongst the very first animals they were able to domesticate, were the canines. The dogs were trained to serve. They were to protect man and his property from attacks. Since those ancient days, dogs have been faithfully serving people, seeking only love and care in return.

Many studies have been conducted to understand the unique bond we share with dogs. Several experts have suggested that dogs are an excellent choice when it comes to pets, as they provide a considerable degree of relief from stress. This is the reason why many prefer to get dogs in the first place. Dogs provide amusement!

When looking for a pet dog, there are several factors that need to be considered. The first would be whether you have the time and effort to spend on its upkeep. Certain breeds require a lot of care. The next would involve the size and location of your home. The bigger breeds require large, open spaces that would allow them to exercise their muscles. Residential apartments don’t usually allow pet dogs, as their barking could become a nuisance for neighbors. You will also need to consider the health aspect, especially if any of the residents suffer from dog allergies.

Given below are the Top Six dog breeds you should consider while looking for a pet.

The Mastiff
Looks can be so deceiving! This dog is a gentle giant, and is a great choice for families with kids. A natural protector, this dog will be on constant alert for intruders that threaten the safety of your family.

The Skye Terrier
If you love long-haired dogs, this one will be a perfect choice! These dogs are small, and easily bond with people. They love the outdoors, so people will need to have a reasonably-sized backyard.

The Dachshund
Easily recognizable, the dachshund is an adventurous dog. It grows attached to its owner pretty fast. However, these dogs tend to be slightly aggressive.

The Labrador Retriever
A highly energetic breed, the labrador retriever loves to play, and is quite enthusiastic. A swimmer, this dog is an ideal companion for hyperactive kids who need a friend that shares their energy levels.

The Collie
Mild-mannered and gentle, the collie is an elegant dog. A highly intelligent breed, they are quite easy to be trained, and require constant grooming of its beautiful coat. Collies are loyal, and are gentle with kids. This makes it a perfect addition to your family.

The Jack Russell Terrier
This dog is by no means meant for those who love a quiet and peaceful existence. These terriers belong to an active breed, and loves to run and jump all day long.

Getting a dog is one of the best experiences us human could ever have. So, enjoy it, and make sure your pet enjoys it too!

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